Tired of feeling disconnected from

your purpose & priorities?



You've tried buckling down and pushing through – but the thought of staying in this job for even one more day is crushing your spirit.

Life is too short to stay in a job that doesn't make you feel energized, fulfilled, and in control of your life.

Because your career and personal life are deeply intertwined... especially when you're clocking

50-hour weeks – been there.

You're ready to reclaim your career and life. But you keep finding yourself in the same place: convincing yourself to stay where it's "safe" and unsure how to land a job that would actually make you happy.


Uncover the core values and strengths that are most important to you – and create a career that celebrates them instead of pushing them down.

Finally find a job that's energizing, meaningful, and intellectually stimulating (yes. they exist!).

Be the friend that stays quiet when everyone else is complaining about their jobs – because you get actual butterflies thinking about how much you love yours.

…and most importantly, have a proven, clear-cut path to go from where you are now

to a life that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning?



I'm willing to bet that you're ambitious, clever, and resourceful, yeah?

So, it doesn't surprise me that you're able to do your job well. You're someone who could be successful in almost any job you set your mind to.

Why not choose to be successful in a job you absolutely love, using the strengths & skills you’re most excited about, at a company whose mission you truly connect with?! 

Don’t waste any more time being stuck where you are…

You need to get radically clear about what lights you up, so you can find + pivot onto a path that makes you happy – like, now.


it's all waiting for you in

Pivot With Purpose

A transformational 6-month career coaching program to

clarify your career goals and finally land a fulfilling new job.

Pivot With Purpose is the proven roadmap you’ve needed to

identify and pivot into a career you actually love.

Are you ready to feel more fulfilled in your life and career than you ever thought was possible?


Just like you, I grew up in the #girlboss era thinking I’d be just like Andie Anderson: working in a glamorous downtown office, wearing my elevated business casual, killing it at my job, and still having plenty of time to be “that girl” outside of work, too.


We both know that corporate life is nothing like our favorite 2000’s rom-coms. Your career becomes your lifestyle – and if you don’t love your work or company culture it can lead to serious burnout.

So I had a bit of an identity crisis. I’d worked my whole adult life to land the “successful” job I had. I studied work psychology at NYU, excelled at various HR roles at NBCUniversal, Stitch Fix, and Tinder – and even got my master's in HR Management at LSE.

But I still felt like something was missing in my professional life... I'd collected all of this insider knowledge on what it takes to land + flourish in a career you love, and I wanted to share it widely!

So, I started my own big career pivot from corporate HR to career coaching in the middle of a global pandemic. 

It was messy and lonely. I craved a more empowering, connected way to make a career pivot.

So, I created the career change roadmap I wish I’d had – using everything I knew about recruiter psychology, job-application-best-practices, and values-based goal setting.

Join Dozens of Success Stories!

"PWP helped me land a job in a field that excites me with a company that aligns with my values and offers flexibility (aka, the DREAM!). Because of the results from this program, I now feel like I can really achieve some pretty crazy dreams!"

- Michelle, Interior Designer


“I got a job at my top-choice company, negotiated a

30% salary increase, and found a healthy, supportive work culture with opportunity for growth!”

- JoJo, TV Creative Director

"I definitely thought, 'I don't need to work with a professional. I've landed a job before on my own, haven't I?' But now, I truly believe that working with a career coach helps you reach more quality conclusions at a more efficient pace. My new job and company are amazing!”

- Molly, Product Marketing Manager

What's inside PWP?

Everything you need to create a crystal-clear vision of your fulfilling, lifelong career + and land the epic job that will get you there.

✨ Powerful Resources ✨

You want to make your next career move fast – and we'll get you there. But before you frantically accept any ol' job that comes your way, you need to get crystal-clear on your deepest values and highly-marketable strengths.

Uncovering your "why" gives your job search direction. Instead of hopping into another role that will leave you unhappy 6 months from now, you'll create a life-long career that you’re excited about.

Pivot With Purpose includes the self-discovery work you need to pinpoint the career path that's right for you. But I won't leave you hangin’ there...

You also get my proven, step-by-step process for applying, interviewing, and landing an epic new job like a pro.

My proven roadmap comes with 9 value-packed modules that include...

✔️ A guide to confidently build your network and create your professional brand

✔️ Recruiter-backed application, interview, and negotiation templates

✔️ Effective decision-making frameworks to prioritize your job search

✨ Expert Coaching ✨

If there’s one thing I wish I had when I totally transformed my career, it’s someone who could have mentored me through the process. 

We both know you’re smart and resourceful – you could keep trying to do the whole job search thing alone. But wouldn't it be amazing if you had someone who could take your hand and guide you through all that ambiguity? Someone who can take all the guesswork out of the process – AND be your #1 hype woman as you succeed?

In Pivot With Purpose, you get…

✔️ Weekly group coaching calls in an intimate group

✔️ 2+ private sessions to use with me any time during the 6 months

I become your guide, accountability partner, and biggest cheerleader as you transform your career.

✨ Real Connection ✨

Let's be honest, job searching is lonely. You have to put on a brave face at work even though you're deeply unfulfilled. You can't talk to your coworkers about it, and convos with your friends turn into vent sessions with no real solutions.

When you join Pivot With Purpose, you're part of an exclusive community of other proactive career-pivoters. You can support and connect each other to opportunity– without having to worry about anyone at work finding out.

Plus, you get daily access to me, your coach, to personally answer all of your questions along the way.

PWP Members are constantly sharing wins like:

PWP Members Have:


Negotiated significant raises, bonuses, promotions + other lifestyle benefits


Landed dream jobs at HBO, Skillshare, Hilton,

Mayo Clinic + more


Scored international work opportunities


Stood out among 100's of applicants

as the obvious choice


Started Executive Education programs

on their companies' dime

Need More Receipts?

"PWP helped me achieve exactly what I wanted- an exciting job at one of my favorite companies! Investing in yourself is one of the most important forms of self care and is completely worth it. You will truly thank yourself and Janel. I can’t recommend PWP enough!

- Nicole, Advertising Partnerships Manager

"In PWP, I was finally able to move out of the nonprofit world and into a tech company I'm really passionate about. I'm able to bring all of my skills into my new role, where I'm learning a lot while and feel very confident about what I bring to the table. Don't spend another minute being uncomfortably stagnant!"

- Marina, Sr. Marketing Manager



How long is PWP Collective?

6 months. This gives you the sweet-spot amount of time to be intentional about what you're really looking for in a fulfilling career *and* implement your personalized job-search strategy to land that epic new role as soon as possible!

What's included in the program?

As part of the PWP community, you'll get lifetime access to the digital coaching modules, a small community of ambitious career Pivoters who want to support your success, weekly live coaching calls, AND private coaching with Janel to accelerate your transformation. 

How does the small group setting benefit me?

I know first-hand that making a career pivot can be lonely and confusing. Your family might be supportive, your friends are encouraging, but they're not the ones actually putting themselves out there to find career fulfillment. PWP connects you with other go-getters who care about doing meaningful work and can truly empathize with what you're working toward. Plus- it's a built-in network! PWP alums have connected each other to their dream opportunities!

Can I do this while working a full-time job?

Absolutely! This program was designed to be done while you’re still at your current job. In fact, the step-by-step roadmap saves you time so much time. It takes the guesswork out of changing careers – so you put your energy in the right places rather than burning out from trial and error.



The kind of career that gives you goosebumps when you realize that YOU get to pursue it. It all starts with this first step – I got you. It’s time to stop wishing for a new job and take the actions that launch you into a meaningful, lifelong career.

Still here?

Good, because this is also important:

I believe Black Lives Matter. I stand for LGBTQIA+ rights. I believe in science. I know that what makes you different is your superpower, and I celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities - from neurodivergence, to religious beliefs, to different abilities, and everything in between. If you share those values and want to join a dynamic, diverse group- yay! If our values are not aligned, I encourage you to find a different career coach.